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Travis Pointe Tuesday Golf - Doodle


Harbour Ridge

Golf Doodle - this will be obsolete shortly

Tennis Doodle 2018/19 - so will this



Rules of Golf - 2029 - pdf
2019 - Major Changes - Contains some informative clips

USGA Rules Changes - 2019


 Great video for 2019 Golf Rules Changes




Phil's Rules

David's Stableford Group   David's Homepage   David's Players


    B-2                     Tuesday/Saturday             Wednesday/Friday



Treasure Coast B-2 Tennis League

Treasure Coast - Harbour Ridge Page

THIS IS B-2 TENNIS        
  Dec 6 Home Ocean Club Excel      Web Version
  Dec 13 Away Stuart Yacht Excel     Web Version
  Dec 20 Home Summerfield Excel     Web Version
  January 3 Away Cascades Excel     Web Version
  January 10 Away Buttonwood Excel     Web Version

Tuesday/Saturday Tennis        
  Saturday - October 20 xls     html
  Tuesday - October 23 xls     html
  Thursday - October 25  xls     html
  Saturday - October 27  xls     html
  Tuesday - October 30  xls     html