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Copenhagen Russia Cruise - 2019


We are planning an a Tauck cruise with friends, Roger and Lee.

I have to find out which direction we sail.  I think southbound : Itinerary


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Vasa Museum

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 State Hermitage Museum as seen from Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia




Take in the sweep of history from Scandinavian and Baltic capitals to glorious St. Petersburg on this Baltic Sea cruise aboard Le Dumont d'Urville, one of Ponant's new Explorer Class yachts. Enjoy a guided visit to The State Hermitage Museum; a choice between a tour of the Peterhof in St. Petersburg or Catherine Palace (the Summer Palace) in Pushkin; walking tours of Helsinki and Tallinn; and guided sightseeing during two-night stays at top hotels in Copenhagen and Stockholm!



Traveling Well Includes:

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St. Petersburg & the Baltic Sea

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