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Hotwire Seasonal Hold



We have been advised that Hotwire is nearing the completion of their installations, so we would like to provide some information that you might find helpful.

The ONLY Hotwire phone number you should ever call is (772) 204-9390.
The Hotwire at Harbour Ridge phone listed above will be answered 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed from 12:30 to 1:30 for lunch) by either Jessica or Cheri. Their office remains next door to the PMD/Housekeeping Departments in the maintenance compound area. After hours your call will be transferred to the Hotwire Call Center.
Power Outages – disruptions to internet connections. Hotwire has determined the problem with local power outages which have interrupted some member’s restarts of their modem for their internet. It is NOT all residences. Should you have a power outage and your internet is not restored when the power comes back on, please contact Hotwire at (772) 204-9390. Hotwire can fix this issue remotely.
Important Notice to anyone who has not completed their survey and/or has refused Hotwire installation. Should you decide not to install Hotwire and remain with Comcast, please know the POA engaged in a bulk contract with Hotwire for Cable TV and High Speed Internet. As part of that contract, Hotwire was engaged to install new state of the art fiber to your home and provide certain equipment within a specified contract period. That period is ending. If you elect to install Hotwire In the future or sell your home, there will be an installation charge assessed for the wiring of your home. Once the Hotwire installation team leaves our property the cost to install becomes the homeowner’s responsibility.

In addition, staying with Comcast means your rate becomes a retail rate since we no longer have a bulk contract rate. Generally, the retail rates are much higher. The Master POA fees include the new Hotwire bulk contract so you would be paying for two services if you choose to stay with Comcast.

Seasonal Suspend Policy

Residents that spend part of the year away from Harbour Ridge have the option to place certain services on a seasonal suspend status. This is a great way to save money on services you will not use while you are away. In order to be eligible for seasonal suspension, your account with Hotwire must be current (meaning you do not have an outstanding balance due on your Hotwire account).
This policy does NOT apply to the services and equipment provided by Harbour Ridge Master Association, only to additional services you contracted for directly. Seasonal suspension is available from April 15th to December 15th annually and must be for a minimum of three (3) months and a maximum of seven (7) months.
If you pay for an upgraded cable package and/or upgraded internet package you can suspend these service(s) while you are away. This will stop the billing of any monthly recurring service charge. To downgrade your video or internet service there will be a one-time fee of $5/service billed to your account. Once you have selected the seasonal suspend option your monthly equipment fee(s) will be reduced. You will be charged $2.00/month per HD digital converter box and $5/month per DVR digital converter box.
Additional telephone lines and/or fax line can be suspended for a monthly recurring charge of $8.00 (plus any applicable taxes, fees and surcharges) for each telephone line. This will stop the billing of any recurring charges for your telephone service. You will keep your existing telephone number and can make E-911 calls, but no other calls will be permitted. If you are currently subscribed to a promotional discount and/or bundled discount package, you may be ineligible to re-activate that same promotion and/or bundle if the promotion and/or bundle is no longer offered by Hotwire when you return home and reactivate your services. When you are planning the return to Harbour Ridge, keep in mind some services may require a technician to visit the outside of your home, so plan accordingly. When you are ready to re-activate services, simply call Hotwire at (772) 204-9390.
To accommodate all seasonal suspend requests Hotwire requires two (2) weeks’ notice for seasonal suspend status to be turned on and off.
Residents who do not select this seasonal suspend option and opt to disconnect their services will be subject to the standard reconnect fee of $35. Please know if you chose to disconnect you will need to return your Hotwire digital converter boxes and Hotwire would need to send a technician to reinstall them in your home.