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Tuesday golf rules




There is an emphasis on play at a decent pace.  Keep up with the group ahead of you.

I will make pairings that I think will result in teams of equal pace ability.


Ready golf

No nudging

Ball must go in hole to count.

Do not no-show - instant dismissal from group.  (You have until Monday night to send me a message that you will not be playing.  I don't like playing in the rain any more than anyone else, and will be lenient when it comes to weather).

Mud Rule - if you see mud, clean & Drop.  #4 - assume there is mud.

If you are not signed up by 8:00am Sunday you are taking your chances on getting in.  

            If I have 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 players by that time they will comprise  Tuesday’s groups.  

Sign up later if I have any of those numbers, and you are on the waiting list for someone to cancel












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