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So you have an idea of how we play, I am attaching the “rules of the game.”  The first time you play, your quota is 36 minus your course handicap.  Quotas then get adjusted for the next round based on how much you won and/or how close you came to your quota. After  the first round quotas are not based on your course handicap even if it went up or down.  There’s a minimum quota of 10 no matter how high your course handicap is.  As noted, the ground rules are attached.  I’m also attaching a spreadsheet I keep for the game that has worksheets for each player and their results.  I distribute this the day of or the day after the game just so everyone knows what is going on.


So far, everyone has played from the white tees and if we have players that play from other tees, I’ll have to make adjustments.  I’m thinking of reducing the initial quota for players who play from blues or blue/whites and increasing the initial quota for those who play from the gold tees.  


This coming week’s game (9/26), we have 15 signed up and I have four tee times so we can accommodate one more player.  Also, while I get the tee times through Foretees, I mix up the groups rather than use the assigned Foretees groups.  I assign groups randomly using an app called “Popsicle Sticks.” I typically distribute the groups, tee times and scorecards the Sunday or Monday before Wednesday’s game. 


I started to use Group Valet and I believe I’ve set it up for games through October.  In the next week or so I am going to send something to those who have played to see who wants to play once more people are here and we have Men’s Days.  I’ve thought about a different day or having the game as a side game (even on Wednesday) even if players choose to play on Wednesday Men’s Day. 


In any event, this is  probably more info than you wanted.  Just let me know if you want to play.